black and white stars in the sky

Create the story around $ELOM and Marstopia

Crafted by a small community, we aim to create an enduring storyline filled with whimsy and humor, designed to entertain and uplift the whole meme & crypto universe.

Contract address: HwHzMyAcaNPXHeJqFd13rEhHbyyYmXJGP2MCoS2KJvnB

A token related to Elon Mars and Marstopia, crafted in satire and entirely fictional.

Verifying for the CMC listing.

ID (939057)

Transparency is everything for $ELOM

We provide a transparent listing of all assets.

Marketing & Treasury




safely stored in 5 wallets



safely stored in 2 wallets
safely stored in 2 wallets


1% for Elon Musk or burn: GugjHxE8uy5c89Pye76fVbyd3ncDVHFZLELZQPfkmvLN



50% is safely stored on a ledger:

CEX listing:
safely stored in 2 wallets



Launch Logbook Q2 2024:

Launch on raydium

On our inaugural day, we laid the foundation for our coin's journey, unveiling our ambitious vision to revolutionize the digital currency landscape. Launched on 9th of June 2024 with an initial liquiditiy pool of 7 SOL on raydium.

day 1
Listing / 500k MC

On day 2, we achieved significant milestones for our coin. We successfully listed and verified on DEXscreener and DEXtools, ensuring our visibility and credibility within the DeFi community. Additionally, we launched our first marketing campaign, which yielded impressive results: a remarkable growth of 18,000%.

  • MEXC contacted us for listing

  • Approved on DEXscreener

  • Approved on DEXtools

day 2
Asian market / 950k MC

On the third day, we expanded our presence into the Asian market by listing on and promoting our coin across various platforms right at the market's opening. Currently, we have established international, Chinese, and German Telegram groups. Our holder count has grown to over 300.

day 3
A Gateway for New Investors
day 4

After just one day and 22 hours, we achieved our first major peak, with the coin experiencing an astonishing growth of over 35,000%. This incredible surge provided early investors with the opportunity to realize significant profits. As these early investors cashed in on their gains, it opened up the market, creating an inviting entry point for a wave of new investors eager to join our growing community.

Growth and Community Expansion
day 5

As we reach day 5 of our journey, we are pleased to see our coin's value stabilizing with the establishment of new higher lows, reflecting growing confidence in our project's fundamentals. Our community has grown exponentially, now exceeding 700 members, and boasting over 500 individual holders. This remarkable expansion underscores the increasing interest and trust in our vision.

Moreover, we are actively engaged in discussions with influential figures, including Influencers, YouTubers

Excitingly, negotiations are underway for a 24-hour display advertisement on an iconic state in the US. This strategic marketing initiative aims to enhance our visibility and reach across the United States, catalyzing viral interest and potentially capturing the attention of high-profile figures.

about elom's world...

This time it’s time for the most recognizable memecoin in crypto's history. Probably even in the history of the universe.

The MEME community is watching new MEMEcoins poppin' up daily without any futuristic use case. The frogs, dogs, cows & cats are cute but they are like lonely, frightend sheep without their shepherd.

how to buy?

Download phantom or your wallet of choice from the app store or google play store for free. Desktop users, download the google chrome extension by going to

Create a wallet

Swap your SOL in your wallet to $ELOM. If you don’t have any SOL in your wallt, you can buy directly on phantom wallet, transfer it from another wallet, or buy it on exchanges like binance, coinbase, bybit, Kraken or KuCoin and send it to your wallet.

Purchase Solana

Go to or and connect your wallt in google chrome or on the browser. Paste the $ELOM token address into the swap application, select ELOM, and confirm the swap. When your wallet prompts you for a wallet signature, sign the contract.

Swap SOL for $ELOM

Trade your SOL for $ELOM and join billions of like-minded people to see how a meaningless MEME sector in the cryptoverse will have a real impact on humanity and our planet. This coin will influence the universe.


7.777.777.777 ELOM

Maybe it's just a MEMEcoin..

..another gemstone project.

Persistent rumors indicate that many more people are involved than it appears.

Some quiet voices whisper

it could be a gift from heaven.

From far away. Made to free us.

Some others claim that a certain amount of the tokens is a personal ticket to space - perhaps even to Mars.

Roadmap to mars..

Q2 2024

Q3 2024

Q2 2025 "Marstopia"

  • Launch on DEX raydium

  • 1.000 holders

  • 2k members on telegram

  • 5k followers on X

  • 100k MC

  • Build ELOM ecosystem

  • 10.000 holders

  • 50k members on telegram

  • 100k followers on X

  • 1 million MC

  • Listing on

  • Listing on

  • First CEX listing

Q4 2024

  • 2nd CEX listing on major CEX

  • 100k holders

  • 500 million MC

  • 10.000 Shiba Inu's as a present to random holders

  • Becoming biggest MEMEcoin in space

  • Building marstopia

Q1 2025

  • Becoming biggest MEMEcoin on earth

  • 2 billion MC

  • 500k holders

  • 1% airdrop to random 1000 early holders out of the first 3000 holders

Marstopia NFT waitlist

at the moment Marstopia is just an idea for the future.

Join our waitlist to stay updated.

to the moon? nah, we fly to mars!

$ELOM coin has no association with Elon Musk or his companies Space X, TESLA or X(Twitter). This token is simply paying homage to an honorable man we all love and admire.

$ELOM is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. This coin is for entertainment purposes only.

All the content on this website is for entertainment purposes only.